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Introducing Caroline, Your Functional Medicine Detective

I am a seasoned NP from England with decades of experience in functional medicine. It is a joy to watch the transformative power of a patient's health trajectory demonstrably improve through small, root cause changes.
 This is what fuels my unwavering dedication to this field.

Adept at active listening, and using an unconventional mindset, I can often unlock pivotal insights ("aha moments") for my patients. Together, we'll cut through the confusion and create a personalized roadmap to help you achieve optimal wellness.

My expertise lies in understanding how hormones, autoimmune conditions, endocrine health, and gut function works. However, my passion for well-being extends beyond the confines of the clinic. My life embodies a functional medicine philosophy: each day begins with gratitude and prayer, I nourish my body with unprocessed, nutrient-dense whole foods, and prioritize regular, physical exercise.

I share my life in St. Johns County, FL with my husband, and my adult stepson. I find my strength through my community as active members of the Church of Eleven22, and my close knit group of lifelong friends.