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Botox Quick Facts

Botox Quick Facts



First, the term BOTOX is commonly used to include any neurotoxin used for several aesthetic and medical procedures. Common products in the same class that offer similar effects include Botox, Xeomin, Dysport and Jeuveau.




  • Also called Neurotoxins, Neuromodulators, and Wrinkle relaxers
  • They are injectable medications that are used to limit the muscle activity in an area
  • In Aesthetics, precise injections can be utilized to soften lines particularly in the forehead, frown lines, and crow’s feet.




  • These toxins are very effective, predictable and safe ways to soften or even get rid of facial wrinkles caused by muscle contractions of the forehead, crow’s feet and frown lines
  • Receiving BOTOX weakens these muscles and allows the body to remodel the skin and smooth the lines.  


Who can get BOTOX / DYSPORT / XEOMIN ?


  • Pretty much anyone over the age of 18 can receive Botox with a few exceptions.
  • Best candidates are those with no lines or mild/moderate wrinkles in their face. Once the facial wrinkles become too deep, they are very difficult if not impossible to completely remove.  


Who can’t get BOTOX / DYSPORT / XEOMIN?


  • Botox is very well tolerated by most people. However, if you have allergies to Botox, Xeomin, or Dysport you should not receive treatment. Additionally, if you have allergies to human albumin, cow’s milk protein.
  • Active infection at the injection site
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should not receive Botox


Where can you get BOTOX/ DYSPORT / XEOMIN?


  • These products have FDA indications for The Frontalis (Forehead), Glabella (Frown Lines), and Lateral Canthal Lines (Crows Feet)
  • There are several off-label areas that are commonly treated including:
  • Masseter and temporalis (jaw muscles)
  • Bunny Lines
  • Lip Flip
  • Vertical Lip Lines
  • Mentalis (Chin muscle)
  • Down turning mouth lines
  • Platysma (Neck Bands)


When can you get BOTOX / DYSPORT / XEOMIN?


  • People 18 years of age and older without any of the contraindicated allergies may receive Botox.


How are BOTOX / DYSPORT / XEOMIN administered?


  • Botox is mixed with saline and administered by a few injections with a small needle.  


How often can you get BOTOX/ DYSPORT / XEOMIN?


  • With proper dosing and administration each treatment should last 3-4 months


Is there other types of BOTOX?


  • There are 4 FDA approved aesthetic neurotoxins           
  • Botox
  • Xeomin
  • Dysport
  • Jeuveau


Does BOTOX hurt?


  • Administration of these products involves several small needle sticks and lasts about 1 minute.


What are the side effects of BOTOX?


  • The most common, yet still seldom, side effects of these treatments are local injection site tenderness, swelling, pinpoint bleeding and possibly bruising.




  • We carry all 3 Neurotoxins at Amason Aesthetics.

Ryan Amason PA-C 

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